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This award recognizes excellence in community design and construction. Judging criteria used to determine the winner include aesthetic appeal, land plan, retention of natural features, amenities, community structures as well as layout of streets.




Entrant must be a BATC-Housing First Minnesota Developer or Builder member. Developments must have had at least one Parade of Homes entry on the tour within the past 24 months to be eligible to enter. Previous winning projects are not eligible.  Communities that have previously entered are eligible to enter again.



There is one category for Bennie Entries.


Developments for these categories may be a single type of home construction or mixed use, including single-family detached, attached, townhome, twin home and condo.


 Entry Fee

The entry fee is $300 per entry.


Late materials will disqualify your entry from the competition resulting in no refund of the entry fee. No refunds after the entry deadline.



July 26              Bennie Entry Due

September 5  Bennie Judges’ Orientation



Judges will evaluate, record comments and score on scale of 1 to ten with ten being the highest in the areas below.

Judges will use the following as their guide

       Poor 1-3 points

       Satisfactory 4-6 points

       Above average 7-9 points

       Excellent 10 points


·      Layout of home sites and streets

·      Landscaping (use of plants, trees and other landscape features)

·      Site Development (retention of natural features enhancement of positives, minimize negatives, environmental protection/sustainability)

·      Amenities (are they appropriate to the community: parks, tennis courts, gazebos, pools, walking trails, etc.)

·      Community structures (Monumentation/signs/lamp posts/ mailboxes/other constructed and/or informational features – this does not refer to sales office or sales materials/displays)

·      Community Design appropriate to target market

·      Development challenges and resolutions

·      Overall aesthetic appeal of community


 Recipient Selection

The highest scoring entry in a category will receive the Bennie as long as it received at least 75% of the points possible. In the instance of a tie, the tie-breaker will be the score for community design appropriate to target market.  


No runner-up awards will be given.



Judges will be Board of Director members of BATC-Housing First Minnesota. Non-member judges from related fields or outside markets may also be used. There will be 5-7 judges.  


Steps to Enter

1.    Enter by July 26, 2019 at

2.    Entrants will be sent one invoice for the Bennie entry fee(s) on or before August 3. Invoices are due upon receipt.


 Registration Information Needed


Registrant Information

Company *

First and Last Name*


City *

State *

Zip/Postal Code *

Phone *

Email Address *


Development Information

Neighborhood Name*

Neighborhood City*

Neighborhood Zip*

Location of Main Entry*  -EG: 1/2 mi. W of Pleasant Ave on Main St.)

Parade Event*-Neighborhood home(s) must be in event currently or within past 24 months.  

Homeowners Association Fees include*

Development start date*

Stage of construction*



Types of homes for sale in this development

Complete for each of the following only if they apply for the development.  Include # of units of each type, low and high end of price range of units for sale, and homeowners association (HOA) fees.


Single Family Detached

# of Units

Low End

High End

HOA Fees

HOA Fee frequency (annually or monthly)



# of Units

Low End

High End

HOA Fees

HOA Fee frequency (annually or monthly)



# of Units

Low End

High End

HOA Fees

HOA Fee frequency (annually or monthly)


Twin Home

# of Units

Low End

High End

HOA Fees

HOA Fee frequency (annually or monthly)



# of Units

Low End

High End

HOA Fees

HOA Fee frequency (annually or monthly)



Additional Development Information

Target Market

Please describe the market trying your neighborhood is designed to reach.


Sales Status

Please provide the projected sell out date from when the neighborhood was being planned.


Challenges & Solutions

Share with the judges the challenges and solutions encountered while developing this neighborhood. 2000 characters max.


Supporting/Marketing Materials & Documents

Please upload sample marketing materials and plat showing layout of streets, homes and major amenities.


Development Website

Neighborhood Plan

Development Logo

Monument Photo*

Photo 1*

Photo 2*

Photo 3

Photo 4

Marketing Piece 1

Marketing Piece 2

Marketing Piece 3

Marketing Piece 4

Marketing Piece 5

Marketing Piece 6



Right to Use Photographs

By submitting a project, you, the entrant, warrant that you have permission from the homeowner and photographer to use project images and photographs. We seek high- resolution photographs as they may be published in industry magazines and used for BATC-Housing First Minnesota Promotions.


I agree



Photographer Credit

If photographer credit must accompany photos, please provide the name of the photographer as required for permission.


 Photographer Name


Awards Presentation

All of our awards are presented at one great event: The BIG Night in October. 


All who enter are encouraged to attend the BIG Night, Friday, October 25th at Mystic Lake Center. You'll be able to accept your award alongside all of our other big winners, in front of the entire BATC-Housing First Minnesota membership. We may also request additional photos for our publicity efforts.


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