Trillium Awards

The Trillium Awards were established to honor our Associates for their partnership with Builders and Remodelers. As Reggie-winning homes and ROMA-winning projects are judged the very best, the Trillium Awards are given to all entered participating Associates in a ROMA-winning project or a Reggie-winning home.




All associates in good standing with BATC-Housing First Minnesota are eligible to enter. 



Trillium entries tethered to a ROMA project or Reggie Home will compete in the same category as that ROMA/Reggie entry. 


Entry Fee

Multi-entry fee structure:
• Up to ten entries - $100 each
• Up to 20 entries - $80 each
• 21 or more entries - $60 each
Fee is per Reggie home entered or entry project per ROMA category.  Trillium companies will be invoiced by September 6, 2019.  Invoices are due upon receipt.


July 26 – List of competition Reggie and ROMA entries will be published
August 30 – Trillium entry deadline


Recipient Selection

Trillium Awards are given to all entered participating Associates in a ROMA-winning project or a Reggie-winning home.


Steps to Enter:

1. Review the published list of ROMA project/Reggie Homes. The list will be available July 26.

2. Enter and pay online

a. Complete the fields relative to your organization
b. From the dropdown menu select this ROMA project or Reggie Home you supplied a product/service
c. In the next field tell us what product or service your company supplied
d. Repeat as needed.  The form will allow up to 35 entries, if you have more than 35 entries, complete the form again.  (May be subject to change)
e. Receive invoice on or before September 6- payable upon receipt

3. If you plan to attend the BIG Night, register for that event separately. Registration for the BIG night will open August 9.


Awards Presentation

All of our awards are presented at one great event: The BIG Night in October. 

All who enter are encouraged to attend the BIG Night, Friday, October 25th at Mystic Lake Center. You'll be able to accept your award alongside all of our other big winners, in front of the entire BATC-Housing First Minnesota membership.

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