BATC-Housing First Minnesota 2018-2019 Scholarships 

This year, BATC-Housing First Minnesota and the BATC-Housing First Minnesota Foundation are honored to award $20,000 in scholarships to 12 very deserving recipients to help further their education and career goals within the residential homebuilding industry. With varying ages, backgrounds and interests in the trades, these 12 students are pushing their way into our industry, and showing how bright and promising the future of it really is.

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2018-2019 Scholarship Recipients 


Matthew Odegaard

Saint Paul College, Plumbing

Matt held a variety of jobs during his high school career and worked alongside his dad growing up. With a long list of academic, volunteer and extracurricular achievements, Matt is ready to use what he has learned to take the next step in his career.


Charles Otterness

Dakota County Technical School, HVAC

After his father called on a local HVAC company to work on their furnace, Charles developed an interest in pursuing it as his career. Talking to people in the field has only heightened his interest and prompted him to continue his education in the trades, eventually leading him to shadow at that same HVAC company.


Jake Hoel

Century College, HVAC

When his family moved during his junior year of high school, Jake was intrigued by all the different trades involved in building their new home, leading him to take a construction occupations course through his school. He has worked side-by-side with instructors and contractors from various trades, and has since enrolled in the HVAC program at his college of course.


John Jeske

Dunwoody College of Technology, Construction Management

After joining a plumbing union post high school graduation, and then obtaining a plumbing degree in 2008, John went into the recession looking for other ways to obtain a skilled professionals position. He ended up going back to school and received an EMT diploma, only to reaffirm his love for construction. John is now going back to school to obtain his construction management degree so that he gets back to working with his "real passion."


Dalton Mugaas

Northland Community and Technical College, Carpentry

Since he was a kid, Dalton has enjoyed working with his hands and building whatever he can. Throughout his high school career, he has worked with various companies helping them build and construct homes, affirming his career goal to be in the residential building industry. He has used any hardship in life to push him further into success and help him fulfill his dreams.


Branden Kral

Minnesota State Mankato, Construction Management

After receiving a wood carving set as a child, Branden's interest in woodworking and crafting has since grown from a hobby to a solid education and career goal. Growing up, he learned the basics from his father who worked for a local construction company, and he is now working toward being part of a custom cabinetry business.


Stephen Thomson

St. Paul Technical, Electrician

Growing up in a trade-focused family, deciding to become an electrician was a natural fit for Stephen. He has always enjoyed working with his hands and learning about the various trades that are involved in the homebuilding process. He hopes to use his education to gain a deeper understanding of his trade and further his career goals.


Cole Shaver

Northland Community and Technical College, Carpentry

Cole knows that hard work and setting goals can take you far. He has attained academic achievements, held various hands-on working positions, and accomplished many personal goals in his high school career. He decided to focus on carpentry after rebuilding the inside of his barn.


Ryan Roble

North Dakota State Colleges of Science, Electrical Technology

Hard work and shadowing encouraged Ryan to pursue a career as an electrician. He knows that putting in time and effort can take you far. Getting experience with design on his robotics teams, he feels even more prepared to be part of this challenging trade.


Tyler Christensen

University of Wisconsin – Stout, Construction Management

Building and supplying homes to the people of his community is what pushed Tyler to work toward a career in construction management. With the goal of eventually owning his own residential construction company, he has already built a variety of homes, on a variety of budgets. It has given him the feeling of importance to be a part of this industry.


Shane Warner

St. Paul College, Plumbing

The ability to set goals, be reliable, and gain experience are three things that brought Shane to the plumbing industry. With the goal of owning his own local business, he plans to use every aspect of his education to make his dream come true.

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