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Introducing the Next Program in BATC-Housing First Minnesota’s Leadership Series







If you’re looking for a highly effective and affordable soft skills development tool for your emerging leaders and a way to enhance your retention program, BATC-Housing First Minnesota’s Leadership Peer Groups is your solution.



•  Progression in their career

•  Personal development

•  Expanded personal and professional connections

•  Growth in the soft skills vital to their company's success



•    Includes discussions around sales, customers, customer service, marketing, and sales management.

•    Meeting dates (Tuesdays): Sep. 18, Oct. 2, Oct. 16, Oct. 30, Nov. 13, and Nov. 27.



•    Sessions: 3:00–5:30 pm with snacks/beverages provided. Timing allows networking informally after the meetings.



Each applicant must fulfill ONE of the following criteria:

•    Graduate of the BATC-Housing First MN Leadership Institute (or similar) OR

•    Industry experience of five years OR

•    Hold a management position in an industry company.



Having greater self-awareness of how they operate on a team
Increasing their confidence in fulfilling their business role
Improving their ability to execute on a daily basis
Performing work at a new level




Rod Johnson of Growing your Leaders has successfully facilitated numerous peer learning groups over 10 years by always innovating and pondering how to improve the impact of each meeting, and the performance of each participant. 




  • $595 per participant.



Applicants need to complete the application form including submitting a letter of recommendation from your company.
Click Here for application.


Limited seats are available for each course! Deadline for applying for the Sales & Marketing session is August 29.


Learning from others is a dynamic resource every leader should recognize, embrace, and leverage. The knowledge, wisdom, and insight you need can be just a conversation away. Leadership Peer Group gives you an impactful way to invest in your emerging leaders. Peer Insight is the perfect tool for connecting the content in a formal training program with the context of how to use it in your career. The development of soft skills tends to be a challenging development initiative, especially among those with a hard skills mindset. Fortunately, the Peer Insight methodology is up to the task and is highly effective. For instance, David Rock of the NeuroLeadership Institute stated:


The active ingredient to large-scale behavior change is facilitating insight in social situations over time. Research points to the importance of the three-step process of seeing something different in a social setting, having an insight about that behavior, and making these types of connections over time. Insight to action causes change. If you have those insights and discuss them in a social setting, you are more likely to want to change.




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