Parade of Homes Entry FAQs

Important Information


BATC-Housing First Minnesota Builder “B” members in good standing. Builder “C” members must submit proof of three completed homes sold under their current Contractor License and non-members must submit BATC-Housing First Minnesota membership application by January 4, 2019, including proof of three homes.



New, never been lived in homes. Buyers of sold homes may not move in until after the tour closes. Entering builder must be entity which will convey title to buyer.



All homes and development entries must be open and staffed all open days and hours (Thursdays - Sundays, noon to 6pm).



You must carry and provide proof of liability insurance on the entry ($1,000,000), with BATC-Housing First Minnesota listed as an additional insured, and include a copy of your current MN Contractor License.



Published home price must be accurate and identical to any prices shown on sales literature and shared with sales agents. Parade Home must be sold or reproducible exactly as shown (on a like-priced lot) at the published price for PAs taken during the tour. Parade model may be sold for lower than the published price (e.g. Parade of Homes discount). See participation agreement for specifics on what must be included in the final price.



All participating builders must read and sign the participation agreement. The rules have been established to ensure a positive home buyer experience. Penalties will be imposed for violations.



Parade Homes must be completed by 12:00 noon on opening day of the tour. If BATC-Housing First Minnesota receives a complaint about an unfinished home, Builder must produce a Certificate of Occupancy to remain open. If you are uncertain that you can complete your home by the tour start date, you should banner “not available for showing” by banner deadline. Incomplete homes that are not bannered will be in violation. If you have unforeseen construction delays after banner deadline, contact BATC-Housing First Minnesota IMMEDIATELY for further instructions to avoid a more severe penalty. PLEASE NOTE: NO construction can be done during open Parade of Homes hours.



If you sell your home prior to the tour and your buyer either has changes that revise your price or wants to move in before the tour, please notify BATC-Housing First Minnesota immediately for further instructions to avoid a penalty.



Remember, you are responsible for stakes and posts for all signage. You may order additional directional signs to be delivered with your sign package by notifying our sign partner, Turn-Key Signs, at least three weeks prior to the tour start date. Additional and replacement signs may also be purchased from our sign partner during the tour. Turn-Key Signs: 651-276-0356.


IMPORTANT SIGN PLACEMENT NOTE: Illegally placed signs hurt all of us! Please follow all municipal, county and state sign ordinances. Also use care in placing signs, a Parade of Homes sign pierced a gas main in fall of 2014 — please call for utility locators before installing any signs.




Can I have my entry listed under a different name than the company name on my Builder License?

All participating builders will be listed exactly as their company is shown on their Contractor License. If you market under a different name, you must add that name to your Contractor License as a DBA. Please contact Charlie Durenburger at the MN Department of Labor and Industry. Any new DBAs must be approved by DoLI by Final Proof Deadline to be included in the Guidebook.


Can I name my architect, realtor or other trade partner in my entry?

Because the Parade of Homes is a BATC-Housing First Minnesota member benefit, all company names listed within any home entry in the Guidebook or online MUST be members of BATC-Housing First Minnesota. Please ask your trade partners to contact Heather Griffis, BATC-Housing First Minnesota Membership Manager, (651-697-7573) for membership information.


Can I enter a tear down with a pre-existing foundation?

Tear downs are allowed if there were no standing framed walls. Older buildings refurbished into condos/lofts may be entered as long as everything but load-bearing elements are new.


What must be included in my published price?

Your home price must be “as shown,” and you must be willing to sell that home OR reproduce it at the SAME PRICE on a like-priced lot for any consumer who signs a contract during the Parade of Homes tour. Prices must include the price of the lot, all built-ins, landscaping, architectural fees, paid specials, financing and commissions. You may exclude costs for furniture, window treatments, interior design fees, free-standing appliances or free-standing A/V equipment ONLY.


I discovered that I won’t be able to open the home I entered by opening day, what do I do?

Whether you have construction problems or sell your home, you have several options depending on the date.

  • On or before January 4, 2019, you can replace your entry with another home (please submit all new entry materials by January 4th at the latest).
  • On or before January 4, 2019, you can cancel your entry and receive all but a $200 administration fee back.
  • Otherwise, your only other option is to banner the entry (in the guidebook and online) as “Not Available for Showing” and this entry will not receive signs until the model is complete and a CO from the city is sent to

Bannered homes may receive Parade of Homes signage and open during the tour by providing BATC-Housing First Minnesota with a Certificate of Occupancy. After January 4, 2019, please contact BATC-Housing First Minnesota immediately. If possible, the home will be bannered (see above) in the Guidebook. However, if the Guidebook has already been printed, this is considered a violation of the participation agreement. You will not receive directionals and you will be required to pick up a magnetic sign overlay for your yard sign that states the home is not open, which must remain up during the complete tour.


I sold my home and the buyer wants to add features, increasing the cost; what do I do?

You must provide BATC-Housing First Minnesota with a copy of the signed purchase agreement, plus a complete list of upgrades and the new sales price. The upgrades and new sales price will be provided on a counter card by BATC-Housing First Minnesota that you must display prominently within the model during the tour.


I’m selling an old model and want to sell it at a discounted price, can I list the sales price in the Parade of Homes?

You must always list a “reproducible” price for your Parade of Homes entry price. You can, however, include the sales price and information within your writeup (e.g. Parade of Homes Special, $325,000, you’ll save $15,000 if you buy this model by March 31st).


My estimator made an error we just discovered, how do I change my submitted price?

Please make sure you submit an accurate price by January 4, 2019. Any price changes (except for sold homes) after that date will receive a violation. Always contact BATC-Housing First Minnesota immediately upon discovering any error.


How do I get my $45 sign escrow back?

Pick up all your directional signs by 5 pm the first Monday after the tour is over. You can bring them to BATC-Housing First Minnesota or cut out the numbers and mail them in to BATC-Housing First Minnesota by April 17th. BATC-Housing First Minnesota will send you a check at the end of the month. If you had any signs stolen, please include a note to that effect. Signage is an important part of helping visitors find your home, so illegally placed signs or signs left up after the tour is over hurt all of us. These agencies have threatened to disallow any signs if violations occur.


Do I have to provide parking for visitors?

Most neighborhood parking is sufficient for Parade Home visitors. However, if your location has narrow streets or very little nearby street parking, you should consider having a parking plan. Start by contacting the city's public safety officer to discuss options. You may want to post no parking signs on one side of the street if you have narrow roadways. In some cases, you may need to provide shuttle service from a nearby parking lot. If you have questions please contact BATC-Housing First Minnesota to discuss.


My home’s address is too new for most GPS mapping systems, how can I make sure my mapping is accurate?

Online entry registration makes this really easy as you can manually place your map “pin” in the correct location. If you are unsure if the pin is correct online, please provide a Kings or other street map with your home’s location clearly marked. Remember to check the pin location on your proof and online at immediately after launch (February 6th) and contact BATC-Housing First Minnesota if the map is incorrect.


Can I provide my own exterior artwork?

Yes, you can provide camera-ready photos or illustrations in black and white or color. If you provide a color photo or illustration and do not purchase the color upgrade, BATC-Housing First Minnesota will convert it to black and white for the Guidebook and online. All supplied graphics must be provided digitally at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi for halftones and 1200 dpi for line art. We accept TIF, JPG or EPS formats by January 4, 2019. Printed size is 3.47 inches wide by 1.93 inches high, please provide art proportional to those dimensions or BATC-Housing First Minnesota will crop as needed.


What should I include in my text writeup?

You have a total of 575 characters to describe your home. Use descriptive language to point out the key selling features of the home, the neighborhood and/or your company. You can include lifestyle benefits but not who should live there. As a member event, please do not include company names of non-BATC-Housing First Minnesota members (architects, designers). We also suggest you do not include names of real estate agent(s) who represent you due to the long lead time and shelf life of the publication.


Why do I need to send in a close-up map and what format should it be in?

For people using the Guidebook, the small map in your entry strip is an important tool for them to find you. These should include at least one major thoroughfare, plus all access roads to reach your home, which you should mark clearly. Hand drawn maps can be scanned and uploaded, or mailed/faxed to BATC-Housing First Minnesota. File formats can be png, jpg or gif. Please take the time to drive the route and record all street names and turns accurately.


How do I get the Green Path icon included on my entry?
To receive a Green Path icon, your home must be energy-tested by a certified RESNET rater, including during construction inspections and final blower door test. Every participating home will receive a Green Path Home Performance Report (HPR). When entering your home online, please select the Green Path Energy Tour under Marketing Options to receive the icon.


Please note: Both Xcel and CenterPoint Energy programs now require builders to pay for raters up front, with rebates offered based upon percentage better than code.

What is the Green Path Energy Efficiency Tour and how do I get the high efficiency new home notation included my entry?

This high efficiency mini-tour offers consumers a look inside homes that test better than baseline for energy efficiency and are a part of a participating utility company’s efficient new home construction program. If you would like more information or to register your home, please contact: ICF, Hannah Jansen / 612-253-9982 /

What do I do if we haven’t made all the decisions about our entry by deadline?

We only require some of the entry form fields be completed at deadline (Your company and contact information and the city in which your model resides) plus a half-down payment. This holds your place in our system. Please have all information completed and submitted to BATC-Housing First Minnesota before online proofs are due (January 4, 2019) to ensure you are able to check that your entry information is correct on your proof.


I want to enter a home after November 13, 2018, what do I do?

We always try to accommodate additional homes after deadlines are past, but you will incur a penalty ($250) starting immediately on November 14th. This event’s homes will be numbered after online proofs are due, so NO homes will be accepted after January 4th.


How do I enter online?

All you need is a user name and password to be able to enter everything online. Please contact BATC-Housing First Minnesota at 651-697-1954 for access. Then you simply follow the instructions to enter homes into the system and then place an order to participate in an upcoming event. Remember, you are not included in the tour until you check out (see your online cart) and pay the balance due.
For more information, contact Casey at 651-697-7569 or

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